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Color options run the gamut, but there are typically just four or five finishes to choose from in every manufacturers' line. In general, paint finishes range from completely "flat" or matte to shiny or "high gloss". Glossier finishes contain higher levels of resin and lower levels  of pigmentation, whereas less shiny ones contain more pigment than resin. 

FLAT paint features a matte sheen that absorbs light and helps hide surface imperfections. "Flat" is ideal for high traffic areas and ceilings where irregularities and lap marks may exist. 

EGGSHELL provides a bit more luster than flat, and provides superior scrubabity over a flat finish.

SEMIGLOSS paints reflect light for a bright, shiny appearance most evident in rooms with a strong light source. Use it on areas that are cleaned frequently, such as kitchens, bathrooms, closet doors and trim. 

SATIN paints are similar to eggshell and semigloss except for their warm, pearl-like finish. They're also excellent at resisting mildew, dirt and stains making them more suitable for frequently used spaces. Try this finish in hallways, children's rooms and on woodwwork that will need to withstand modest wear & tear.

HIGH-GLOSS One benefit that high-sheen colors possess over flat sheens are depth of color. The higher the sheen, the more vivid and rich your color will appear, making it ideal for deep jewel-toned colors such as reds, forest greens and navy blues. Experts are partial to this finish for wood surfaces, such as trim, cabinets and doors, but only when blemishes are minimal as shinier surfaces make flaws more evident. 

When selecting paint sheens, keep in mind that shiny surfaces, because they are reflective, help to make a small space feel larger. 
A semi-gloss sheen will visually expand a small kitchen or bathroom. Softer sheens, such as satin or eggshell, give bedrooms- especially kids' rooms and living areas - a more subtle finish