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A new kitchen requires careful planning and a realistic budget.


Custom kitchen cabinets tend to be the most costly part of designing a new kitchen, and high-quality ones can cost big bucks. Stock cabinets tend to cost from one to two-thirds less than similar looking custom ones. If existing cabinets can be saved your kitchen design ideas might call for refacing or refinishing old kitchen cabinets instead.
When designing high-end kitchens decorators love to include professional grade appliances. If you're not a professional chef and can do without these, look for something less expensive. If you're on a tight budget steer clear of trendy appliances and gadgets you'll never use.
A good kitchen design can help fix the layout of your space. Look online, in magazines and your local home improvement stores for design ideas. We are here to work with you on tweaking and finalizing your ideas and plans for optimal results.