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Experiment with your layout to find the configuration that best suits your needs and available space.
A basic bathroom will have three or four features: sink & vanity, toilet, tub and in some cases a separate shower.
If limited space is an issue consider a clear shower door to keep the space open & flowing. Light colors, mirrors and ample light also prevent your space from feeling confined.
 There are seemingly endless finishes and combinations thereof, the basics are:
For walls; paint stone, tile, wood & wallpaper.
For floors; tile, stone, wood, linoleum & vinyl tiles.
For vanity counter top;
tile, stone, plastic laminate and solid surface.

While cost is often a big factor in your final selection of a toilet, sink, tub & faucets, more and more homeowners are concerned about style and water conservation.
An important factor in purchasing a toilet is flushing ability. An older toilet uses about 21 quarts of water to flush. A low-flush toilet uses 6.34 or less quarts of water per flush. Saving water saves you money in the long run.